Are parthenocarpy and apomixis different phenomena? Discuss their
Hint: Yes, they are different. Parthenocarpy leads to development of seedless
fruits. Apomixis leads to embryo development.

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Chapter 2. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants



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Actually, yes they are. Parthenocarpy and apomixis are different phenomena.

Why is Parthenocarpy important?
(I) The fruit production without fertilization of the ovary is called Parthenocarpy refers to the production of fruit without fertilization of ovaries. This phenomenon is used in mass production of seedless fruits such as bananas or grapes.
(ii) Those are by far more useful in the juice production industry.

Whys is Apomixis important?
(I) It stops duringapomixis, chromosomal segregation and recombination from happening. Hence, for a couple of generations we can expent stable characteristics in the specimens.
(II) It used for simplification of industrial production of hybrids thanks to lack of need in isolation during the production process or maintaining parental generation.
(III) Adventive embryony is being used in the production of uniform root-stock and varieties free of viruses.