early vedic period                               Latter vedic period

women had equal status as men.       .The position of women declined.

.The caste system was not rigid.          .The caste system was rigid.

.king's position was not ritualised.       .The king had a great strenght.

.women recieved education.                 .Education was restricted to women.

.The four fold division was made on      .Divisions were made caste-based.
the basis of occupation

.Widow remarriage was encouraged.    .Widow remarriage was looked down upon.

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Early Vedic Age                                                         Later Vedic Age
1.Women were being respected and  1.Women were not respected as such and 
treated equal to man.                          were considered inferior to man.
2.The gods Surya , Chandra and Agni 2.The Hindu trio of Brahma , Vishnu and 
were worshipped.                                Shiva were worshipped.
3.The caste system consisting of     |  3.The caste system became extremely rigid
Brahmin , Kshatriya , Vaishya and        with shudras being treated as animals.
Shudra-was not rigid as such.
4.The sabha and samiti were held.     4.They lost their importance.
5.King didn't hold important positions 5.The king gained importance and was 
and the Republic and Monarchs            considered as the incarnation of god on
dominated.                                          earth.
6.Education was for all (man & woman)6.Education was restricted (banned) for 
received at Gurukuls.                            women.
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