"Nature is our universal mother.We must respect her above all else. We preserve her by all means possible. Instead we are killing RUTHLESS can one be to murder his own mother? How can you do that,all the time,by wasting water,killing wild animals, endless massacre of trees? Aren't we children of nature,ourselves?! We are human beings, gifted by God with the most intelligence- above all creatures, and this is how we use it..?!
Do you know..that is only seen that humans are killing other humans. HAVE YOU EVER-seen a tiger,kill a tiger? Or maybe a elephant,killing an other ELEPHANT?! 
We are the most brutal of them all. We deserve to be demolished from the surface of the Earth. We deserve our 'so-called existence' to erased from the history of Earth. 

But ultimately,Nature is our mother. And a mother cannot bear to kill her own child. A mother who always loves you no matter what form of brutality you take.
Now is time to step up,folks. Think about it. Take care of our dying mother. You will die too if she dies.And,one more thing,don't be afraid to apologise because-
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The most beautiful thing in the world is nature and it's our duty to preserve it . the nature, it's like our mother . it gives our all needs . we are all the children of this mother nature . so just preserve it. what we give her in the back . it does not ask for anything we just give it some care and love for it . we have to water plants , create general awareness among people to save it . so our other generation can see it. SO PLEASE FRIENDS SAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
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