If we introduce more cycle rickshaw, the number of fuel driven auto rickshaw will decrease. Since there will be less carbon dioxide produced, it will reduce the pollution.

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Yes that is better for India be cues pollution will be reduce and traffic will be less    Most of the cities and towns in India are highly polluted. The main reason is the air and noise pollution caused by transport vehicles, especially petrol and diesel-powered two and three-wheelers. In India there are presently close to 18 million petrol-powered two wheelers and about 1.5 million petrol and diesel-powered three-wheelers and their population is growing at rate of about 15% per annum¹. Besides being a major hazard to people´s health, these machines are guzzling huge amounts of petrol and diesel for which the country has to pay dearly in foreign exchange outflow. It is a common sight in India and in other developing countries that during traffic jams in congested areas of cities these vehicles produce tremendous air pollution¹.
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