Forests are one of the most valuable resources on the planet today. Without forests it would be almost impossible for any living thing to survive. But, with this in mind many people destroy forests. It is as though they don’t even care that they are dooming themselves as well as the trees. Hopefully through this article I can help save the forest and help human kind, as well as all other organisms, by telling how important the forest is and how it functions. We use trees for beauty in scenic
nature as well as for beauty in yards,
parks, and other places. Trees also
purify the air of pollution. Trees are
sometime used in large cities to lower
noise pollution. Forests are used for
recreation. Their beauty attracts many
tourists. They provide shade on hot days
and allow relaxation. They are very
lovely in the fall when their leaves are
falling. Trees can do all this without
being cut down.

They are very important to our
world today. If we didn’t have trees our
soil would be washed away, pollution
and noise would be unbearable, and we
would all soon die from the lack of
oxygen in the air. If a forest or trees must be cut done there are proper ways to do so. They cut forests in three different ways, these are hygrating, shelterwood, and clear cut. Hygrating is only cutting the best trees down. Shelterwood means to cut down fairly decent trees. Clear cutting means to cut down all the trees. Any tree that is cut down should be replaced. I prefer shelterwood, because it allows for more growth of a better species. Sometimes we have no other choice, but it should be done properly.My proposition to you
the next time you are thinking of cutting
a tree down, and are not going to replace
it, is to remember this article and think
twice before doing so.
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