I spend my winter vacation native place haridwar i went to chandigarh temple for prayer then i went an shop drink coffee then i went to an historical place then i went to ganja for bathing it is very cold and chill water because on that day some pooja is there so i have enjoyed my winter vacation a lot.
Saturday, 16 January, 2016

Dear Diary,
                                        My Nice Winter Vacation With My Family

Now , it is going to over my winter holiday. I really enjoyed my life this winter. I am so lucky that I am born in such a family which wants fun in life. I visit so many places such as Amusement parks. I most enjoyed the roller coaster ride there. We ride it at least three times and that was really fun. Oh my dear diary, I am unable to tell you about my feelings. I don't have words about the happiness I got in this winter holidays. 

Now it's again time for studying. My syllabus will continue from Monday. But I am happy that I enjoyed. Those moments of happiness is not forgettable. 

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