Poverty is a state of section in the economy that cannot sustain for itself. since goverment's foremost duty is welfare, the below poverty line section of society is a burden to bear from the public expenditure. this way the country's gdp does not show a positive remark with a country like india whose 40% population lives bpl. also in modern day scenario of development, the eradication of poverty n respectable living standards are the primary parameters n indicators of a developed society. hence poverty is a curse upon nation also adding unproductive citizens to its human capital.

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A general scarcity of basic necessities of life is called poverty. The basic necessities include food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, sanitation, etc.

Relative Poverty:

This is a condition of inequality compared to the general population of the society.

Some of the issues which are related to poverty are; Landlessness, Unemployment, Size of families, Illiteracy, Poor health/malnutrition, Child labour and Helplessness.

Poverty as seen by social scientists: Income and level of consumption are the usual indicators of poverty. But many social scientists view poverty from many other parameters; like illiteracy, lack of general resistance due to malnutrition, lack of access to safe drinking water and sanitation, etc.

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