First: to start speaking faster, try reading English faster. This very simple and effective activity is your first step to talking more naturally. The most important part of this activity is that you read aloud! Yes, that is right, simply read aloud for ten minutes each day. Try to set the goal of reading aloud faster each week. Soon you will find yourself reading much faster.

While you are reading aloud, attempt to be as clear as possible. Clarity is achieved by opening your mouth wide. When you open your mouth to properly pronounce English sounds, this allows you to enunciate better. So, as you read aloud for ten minutes each day, remember to enunciate and be as clear as possible.

When you are speaking, try to use transition words and phrases (such as ‘also’, ‘for example’, and ‘however’) when you are changing ideas. Many students use words such as “uh” and “uhm” when they are speaking. Avoid these words at all costs! Transition words effectively allow you to sound more fluent when you are speaking. If you use transition words accurately, then you can easily change from one idea to the next idea. Thus, transition words allow you to connect sentences and ideas faster allowing you to speak quickly.

Lastly, observe fast English speakers closely on TV programs. Don’t just sit down and watch TV, but try to take notes. Note the transition words that they use and how the TV characters effectively connect ideas and sentences. This activity will not only improve your English comprehension, but watching fast speaking TV characters will also motivate you to speak faster!

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