Child labour has been an international concern because it completely spoils the future of the children. the Indian law says that any child below age of 14 cannot be employed either in a factory or office or restaurant. in fact Indians international business has been severely effected in many cases because of child labours. mostly child labours are utilized in India in various places of production and service. if a boy or a girl takes up a small job as a domestic help or restaurant boy against a nominal salary of rupees 700-1000 per month he does not get enough time for education as is almost likely to remain completely illiterate  and he will remain unemployed or be engaged as a unskilled labour when he grow up. hence in his own benefit and interest no child should be engaged as a labour both from legal point of view as well as the child's future interest.
1. what is child labour?
2. why should children's work?
3. why child labour's are not like other children's who are getting education?
4. Is child labour caused by poverty?
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