life is a beauty enjoy it, life is a puzzle unscramble it , life is a journey explore it. by saying these words I welcome all the distinguished dignitaries who have gathered here.i welcome respected chief guest , beloved principal , parents , teachers and my dear friends. I extend a very good morning to one and all.
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my pleaure
so sweet
"it is difficult to say what is meant by art, and especially what is good, useful art, art for the sake of which we might condone such sacrifices as are being offered at its shrine".[4]
your minds are a garden
your thoughts are a seeds you can grow flowers or weeds
or judging a person does not defines them. it defines how you are 

a good morning to honurable priniciple beloved  cheif guests  a very pleasent good morning to all . on this pleasent  morning we are going to start our anual function