Horse is one of the fastest running animals. I like horse when it is running. Horse is also a strong animal.I always say that - 'Horse' is a great animal. The burden, is used to lift and pull the wagon. In ancient times, it was the horse battle comes in handy. Some countries have taken the job of plowing horses. He is very smart animals. He could hear the sound of distant. He can run very fast and can even swim in the water. The dog is very loyal to his boss. Is found in almost all countries of the world warmer. Arabian horse is very famous. Dollar is worth thousands of good horses.
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HorsesHorses were domesticated in the third millennium B. C. E. in Russia and western Asia from the wild horse (Equus ferus ). In early 2001, scientists from the University of California, Los Angeles, and three Swedish universities published research indicating that the domestic horse was so genetically diverse, it could not have originated at one place. Mitochondrial DNA, which is genetically transmitted from mother to children, indicated several different matrilineal (female-based) lines. Based on this finding, the researchers suggested that wild horses were tamed independently in several different parts of the world. The "idea" of domesticating horses may have originated in one place, probably central Asia, but various cultures captured and tamed their own horses.Horses are grass grazers, making them especially well suited to dry plains. At first they were used for food, then as vehicles for travel. Their ability to carry people had an enormous impact on human economies by speeding travel and transport and was probably a necessary step in the development of civilization.
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