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Xerox copying:-
in electro static a paper is treated with a material consisting of zinc oxide combined with a thermoplastic resin.when that paper is kept in the xerox passes through a corona charging bar. Within the charging bar, the zinc oxide coating picks up a negative electrical charge.
the original document is exposed to light, which reflects off the white portions of the document. Dark portions of the document do not reflect light.Light reflected off the original document is then reflected by a series of mirrors to the treated copy paper which has been passed into this section of the machine. Light striking the copy paper removes negative charges placed by the charged bar, leaving charged sections that correspond to the absence of light, that is, the dark places on the original document. so the original document is xerosed into duplicate document.
the exposed copy paper is passed through a toner bath, where positively-charged toner attaches itself to negatively-charged areas on the copy paper. When the paper is passed through a pair of rollers, the toner is pressed into the copy paper, forming a permanent positive image that corresponds to the image on the original document.

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