Education is the most important factor for the development of human civilization.Education provides the nation with man powers, promotes national unity and uplifts public awareness. A country needs different kinds of man powers such as doctors, engineers, teachers,
administrative officials, economists, judges and other technical hands.Education provides the nation with those educated hands.If people are educated,they can understand their duties and rights. In order to uplift human society,each should be capable to understand others.If people can understand each other, they will be united.Thus,education can promote national unity.In other to uplift the degree of awareness of the society,education plays a prime role.It makes all people conscious.They will not follow the old dead and evil tradition.Educated people can reform the society.They can understand what is wrong and what is right.They can save good traditions.Education profoundly enhances  human prosperity.
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     Education is very important in the life of human beings.  Education and educated thinking, educated talking, educated culture are the qualities that distinguish a man from animals or illiterates or cave age man.

     Thus education must be imparted to all children up to a certain age and the basic minimum knowledge and skills must be imparted to every person.  Without education in this modern times, it is not possible to get any good job or not possible to earn money.

      In a country like India, it is not easy to arrange facilities for educating all people.   The main reason is the poverty of a lot of people, corruption and the vast population of India.   It is required to  build a lot of government schools, feed the children during the day, provide hostels for poor people and of certain backward classes, drive various schemes to enroll students in schools, provide study materials, provide scholarships and so on..

     India has been giving reservations for many castes and classes of people for three decades to four decades now.  Still there are poor people or helpless people who are not self sufficient for sending their children to schools.  Often the education received does not seem to help those people.  So they go away from schools.  The schools are also not of good quality and standards perhaps.  So the standard of learning is not much.
     Whatever the case is, 100% literacy for all children upto the age of 16 or 18 must be made compulsory.  The final three years could be related to vocational job oriented training.  Whether the person does a labour job, driver job, security guard's post or  farming,  a shop owner or a worker in a shop,  education is a must for all citizens of India.

      All poor people in India could not think alike, move alike because of lack of education.  The government of India has introduced the relevant schemes time and again for the last few decades.  Still another decade may be necessary for coming to a situation where all children in the country are educated to the secondary level.

      Unfortunately cost of education is rising quite rapidly.  Also the inflation is already high in India.  The government is facing funds crunch.  The corruption is still at large.   The situation is not all favourable.  However, the various government agencies, voluntary agencies, many corporations with social responsibility are helping poor people as much as they can, to impart basic reading and speaking skills.

     I believe that in another decade the literacy level will reach quite high in all urban, towns and known places.  In villages with small population and backward mountainous regions, an additional effort will be needed for another 5 years to completely convert all children to literates.  The mindset of the people in those regions must be changed.   Other people must be kind to those people when they come in contact with them.  There is a major population of retired educated citizens in India now.  They can contribute significantly to this goal of the government.

     Education for all will be successful when educated rural people are able to find employment nearby their villages.  So it is important to develop the regions in terms of industries with manufacturing and production, or assembling or agriculture based activities, so that a majority of people could be employed from the region.  Then the incentive for getting educated gets aroused in the people and consequently, India can achieve "Education For All".

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