If i would be in his place i would feel very embranced,disappointed . i woluld feeling very bad about thinking my self and there would be no confidence in me and i would feel that there is no use of living in this world for me and i dont think  i would try to acheive something .but now by seeing nick i'm sure i would also try and acheive  .  nick vijicic is a really great man who himself has his a great confidence and now beacuse of his hard work his is a famous all around the world for his deeds,confidence ,talent...just i wanna salute him." confidence is higher than a mountain"
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can you complete hindi homeworks
i will try okay :)
Could u please write a speech on women's day in hindi
If iam in the place of nick i would feel really very sad thinking about my self day and night i would have felt really bad and i would be thinking of my friends that they are in gud condition and thinking that why god have given me birth in this way  i would have realised myself regarding this god have sent to this world to give show that the person who dont have limbs and hands can survive and lead their life more better than the person who have hands limbs