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In this poem it is explained that one should not easily get flattered by anyone because they can get cheated.

The poem symbolizes the frog as rich not because of its qualities but because of its brain.

 It is a satire on the competition that prevails in the present day society.

This poem focuses on how people who are deceptive and cunning takes disadvantage of the credibility of simple and innocent people...

Importance of self esteem , self confidence and the ability to reason out without being blindly influenced by others... 

You are what your are. 
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Summary- A frog always croaked in the bingle bog. All were very irritated by his song. One day a bird nightingale came n sang a song all were very happy by listening her song n always wants to listen to his song. Then the frog told her that she doesn't know the main tone of singing a song. The bird was very happy to here her mistake. N was impressed by his interruption. Frog took the advantage of that impression n told to teach her how to sing a song. He give an idea to her that- she will daily sing a song at night n at day time he will give her the training. N do the performance on the show which he will organized and the earning will be His fees .But continue doing this job the bird was very tired n one day she died but the frog had no emotions against her.