English is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, it helps you get around and understand people more. It will give you more opportunities in life for jobs and colleges. It allows you to communicate with other people. It also gives you wider access to knowledge, 55% of webpages are written in English. English has a very easy alphabet, it has no accents to deal with like other languages. 

that is not 200 words but......

English is a language like others such as Bengali, Hindi, Spanish, and French etc. We all may not know all the languages of this world as there are many of them in this world. However, we all know one language which is our mother tongue. English is a language which we all should surely learn and before doing so we should know the reason for learning it. Whenever we go to other places for different purposes, we may not require any other language than English. We need it in the interviews for getting jobs and it is also required for making a good impression of our self on others. Teachers love those students who know good English. Whenever we will go abroad, we will need English as we may not know the local language of that place. So as a fact there are many reasons for learning English .our sole duty is to be good students and after that we need to be good people. We should learn to speak fluent English for making people respect you. Our parents try hard to put us in English medium schools. They do it just to make our future better and brighter. 
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