Theory says that time travel is possible through black holes as it takes us to any place in a very short time eg. to reach alpha centauri it would take lakh of years but through black hole we would reach there in only 25 days .
but another theory says that if anyone goes inside black hole it is detroyed or dead when it reaches in it's center
so what's true



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Yes its a region of space travel and whatever u told is true,here gravity prevents anything,including light from escaping.There's a theory proposed by Albert Einstein known as Theory of General Relativity.Around the black hole there is a mathematical defined surface called event horizon,this marks the point of no return.The hole is called black because it absorbs all light which hits the event horizon,it reflects nothing like a perfect black body in thermodynamics.
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No one knows it because till now no one has gone even near to it. so ,anything can happen.