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It's quite an interesting yet not that surprising pattern that we observe here. 

Firstly, I believe that there's a small mistake in the cipher of the word MACHINE. I believe that instead of 
            L-B-B-1-H-O-D              we should have             L-B-B-I-H-O-D  

The logic between the code is quite simple, we take the word we want to code and proceed with switching the respective letters to next or previous letter of the alphabet interchangeably. If we want to decipher it, we have to reverse the formula (we're starting with the cipher looking for the original word - the process is reversed) using the following pattern:

        let's mark a random letter with x and its order number with an index


Therefore, the answer will be:
                                           T - K - U - L - G - M - C


I hope it helps you :)
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