The answer is 116sq.m that is the first option.because the given side os square plot is 30m.and it's area will be 30*30=900sqm.and coming to the another square which is built inside of the first one,one of the square's side would be 30-2(1)+28m(since of side of square which is built inside =length of side of square which is out-2(width)).so the area of inside square=28mand its area is 28*28=784sqm.area of path=area of outer square-area of inner square=784-116=116sqm.
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Side of the square garden=30m
width of the path=1m
so,area of square including the path=SxS
THEN, area of square excluding the path=SxS
so,final area of the path=900m²-784m²=116m²
so,1st option is correct.
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