Class X Sciences
[papers from previous years]

In the experiment for determining the percentage of water
absorbed by raisins, we do the final weighing of the raisins
after keeping them dipped in water for about one hour. For the
accuracy of the result, the extra water from the surface of the
soaked raisins is removed by

(A) rubbing with cotton cloth
(B) hot air blower
(C) dry cotton wool
(D) filter paper

On adding 2 mL acetic acid to 2 mL of water in a test tube, it
was observed that

(A) a clear and transparent solution is formed
(B) a white precipitate is formed almost immediately
(C) two separate layers were formed
(D) a colourless and odourless gas is evolved



1st answer is d
2nd answer is a

1st answer is (d)
and the next is (a)