Which of the following statements are incorrect

I. The vibrating particle in the body continuously emits energy

II. The radiation is propagated in the form waves

III. The energy emission and absorption may be in fractional values

IV. The intensity of the black body radiant energy increases with the wavelength, reaches a maximum and then decreases




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According  to  Plank's quantum theory, hypothesis, and radiation law:

1.    False.  Energy is emitted by a vibrating particle only when it changes from one energy state to another.   

2.  true.  energy is propagated in the form of radiation or photons with energy = h ν,  where ν is the frequency of the emitted wave

3.  False.    According to Plank's quantum theory, energy states of the particle oscillating,  energy emitted and energy absorbed are all in discrete multiples of a quanta =  h ν.    A fraction of this quantum is not possible to emit/absorb.

4.  True.  It has been observed that  black body radiant energy at the same temperature, first increases with wavelength to a maximum and then it decreases.

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