As spoon is made of  of metal ( steel) and  bell is also made up of iron which is nothing but a metal ,so it produces sound like a bell .As bell and spoon are metals so  the sound  will be  same .
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it is not meant that all the metals produce same type of sounds no.
please verify it and overcheck it
lTHE metals have got a property of being sonorous, that means that they produce a ringing sound when stuck, and bell and spoon both are made of metals so they sound alike.
yes as all the metals are is one of their characteristics. but all the metals need not exhibit same type of sounds. they may exhibit different kinds of sounds as the sound waves propagated by them may u understand?
Superposition of sound waves of similar frequency produces same sounds. as the sound aves produced by a spoon are more or less similar to the sound waves produced by the bell,so a spoon can sound like a bell.
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wht do u mean by superposition ? i couldn't get it
superposition means the total of all forces acting on a point.
do u understand?