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Limits, derivatives, and integration are used in finding areas and volumes of solids of various shapes.

They are used in finding energy, power in waves.
They are used in all subjects economics, chemistry, physics, maths where ever there is a modelling of a situation and then mathematically the behaviour is expressed as a formula.

These are used in thermodynamics, designing shapes of aeroplanes or cars, designs of fluid related engineering tasks, statistical sciences,

These calculus principles are used in space science,  finding the years of planets, velocities of satellites.  Without integration or differentiation,  one cannot have a formula for sending a rocket into space.

Often engineering design has to work with calculus.  Dealing sub atomic particles and modeling their behaviour, or electrmagnetic waves like light etc.  we cannot do with out them.

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thanks for answer ! but can you give me a basic example of integration for my better understanding?
the formulas for the volume of sphere and surface area of sphere are found by integration and trigonometry.
I know that ,but it is very difficult to learn integration! - see this question. It tries to find area between two curves
integration is just opposite to derivation. we need practice.. but it is very important in many engineering subjects