hey guys im stick on a speech i'm at secondary college and if anyone can write me a good 3 minute speech i'll give you 40 points ?? please help !!

speech is about ? what is the topic?
The speech can be about anything really i'm 13 years old and i have to do a speech by friday for 3minutes the subject can be anything, maybe something to do with social media i dont know but anything is well thanked for


so ,today's topic is music.the words looks very simple but this so called simple word has a great importance and work n our life.

i will not start with a quote ,instead i will start with a question.actually a very basic question:

what is culture?

culture is a sort of traditional trait.there are various types of culture.culture varies from place to place , religion to religion and people to people.

what is music?

let me explain the meaning of music with a few lines related slightly  to physics.the sound which is pleasant to our ears is called music.music occurs mainly from regular vibrations.the medium of music is sound.some terms related to music are timbre , pitch , rhythm etc.

types of music:

there are many different types of music and they varies from different places and traditions.

* jazz music
* rock music
* pop music
* rap music
* classical music
and many more.....these were the names of the famous types of music.

significance of music:

music has a great significance n our daily life.some of us are very addicted to music and songs.some people prefer hearing to songs as the end of the day as they get peace from doing so.hearing to musics also helps us to keep our mind in rest and peace.

harmful effects of music:

hearing musics at a very loud volume causes noise pollution which is a very bad effect on the environment.it also causes headache and dizziness.when we listen to songs using headphone at a loud volume , them this may damage our ear's listening capability as well.


everything has its significance and harmful effects .like everything music has the same as well.it totally depends on us that how we are using them.so we should listen to musics at low volume but never stop listening to songs as it freshens and relaxes our mind.
if the speech is about dance then????????????????
thank you so much this could help me honestly I feel so thankful
its all right dear...
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Hello friends, I wish to speak on the topic of relevance to all of us in the 21st century.  

Our Environment is a very essential part of our life.  It is the main source for us to live  in and get food from, to eat, play, work, enjoy, walk, breath, hear or drink.  The environment is basically the atmosphere, and surrounding geographical area.  We know very well that quality of our life depends on our environment.    Let us question ourselves, who spoils the environment ?
            Long ago, people lived adapting themselves to the environment and could not harm the environment.  In these days we are harming and degrading the environment, and thus indirectly harming ourselves.  Power of the technology and science has enabled the man to exploit the environment for selfish and indiscriminate use.   This is creating problems for everyone.            The technology and science has side effects that is spoiling the clean environment directly or indirectly, when we use the machines, vehicles, gadgets etc.  Centuries ago people did not have this situation, hence, the environment was more preserved than today.  

The causes of worry
1.  Deforestation,
    2.  Growth of population and Rapid urbanization
    3.  Loss of biodiversity
    4.  Air pollution (greenhouse gases), drinking water pollution, river pollution by mixing poisonous chemicals, plastics and polythene materials. Use of non-biodegradable materials in daily life.
    5.  Global warming and Depletion of ozone layer
    6.  Depletion of underground water, oil and gas reserves and natural resources like minerals.   

Effect of our irrational or selfish actions:
       Famines, untimely rains, cyclones, polar ice melting, ecological imbalance, increase in erosion of land, less protection from UV radiation, diseases and life amidst pollution and so on.  

Let us know what we have to do

      We have to adapt our manufacturing and domestic product usage  processes to the  environment.  We must use reducible, reusable, regenerative and recyclable techniques.   The  governments of various countries and the United Nations Organization must take up actions at a global level.
         There  are many voluntary organizations around the world which propagate clean environment, green earth, save earth, save power, conserve power concepts.  However, these ideas are difficult to implement as they reduce the convenience of people, make it more difficult for the industries, and these are more expensive to realize.    
      Long term planning and monitoring of actions of private corporations is needed.  The young must be educated to live in harmony with environment rather than exploit it.  Nowadays, all children are aware of the major issues in the environment.  There are many attempts to build environment friendly houses, buildings, vehicles and so on.  There are many methods that reuse, reduce, and recycle available materials and resources.  These are getting more importance.  
      Each of us has a role and responsibility to protect our environment.  Only that saves our race on the Earth after centuries.  It is a difficult target to achieve.

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