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The Energy in the Wind
The scarlet colors flow behind the purple moon. I stare in wonder knowing the stars will appear soon.
  I watch the birds fly in formation across the skies. The cool wind guiding their path as I ponder why.
  The balance of nature lives and breathes around us. We race through the hectic work days but pause we must.
  For nature wants us to take the journey and sigh. To let our emotions run wild and enjoy the beauty that fills our eyes.
  The energy of nature is presented as a gift. Question not, yet reach out and let your spirits lift.
  The energy flows at a pace for which to grasp. So we can become one and follow it's path.

  The magical harmony cascades in a pleasing rhyme. To those that close their eyes and let the vision fill the mind.

  The vision in the wind will lift you high. Abroad wings of an eagle, we soar into the sky. The pressures of life are expelled as joy takes it's place.

 The energy consumes our souls and gleams across the face.
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