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Yes may be
Let a be a given positive number.
On dividing a by 4, let q be the quotient and r be the remainder.
Then,by Euclid's algorithm,we have:
a=4q+r where 0<=r<4
a=4q+r where r=0,1,2,3
It is clearly shown that 2q+1 is divisible by 2.Therefore,4q+2 is a positive integer.
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Every positive integer can't be of the form 4q+2 because 4q+2=2(2q+1). hence 4q+2 is an even we can't write odd numbers in the form 4q+2 (when q is an integer). also 2q+1 is an odd number. hence the maximum power of 2 that divides 4q+2 is 1. therefore we can't represent the numbers divisible by 4 in this form.