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AIM: To test the presence of nitrogen gas present in packet of chips and other snacks. MATERIAL REQUIRED: Match box, Candle, Packet of chips. PROCEDURE: 1. Take a burning candle or burning matchstick. 2. Open packet of chips near to the flame of candle or burning matchstick. 3. Record your observation. OBSERVATION: The matchstick or candle will get extinguished. BASIC PRINCIPLE INVOLVED: The packet of chips and many other products have nitrogen gas in it, which prevents spoilage of food due to oxidation because nitrogen is very less reactive. CONCLUSION: Presence of nitrogen is tested and understood the method of preserving food stuff. PRECAUTION: To be done under parental supervision.
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nitrogen is used to avoid spoilaze of it is used in packet of snakes like chips. we find either it is nitrogen or not. is very simple that is if there is nitrogen there is no spoilaze of food. if there is no nitrogen then there is spoilaze if food
 thus we find nitrogen is present or not in packets of snakes like chips