Plzz help me!!!
q:creative interview with grandmother....(for eg: me: whats your real name
try to write the most you can!!

this is actually fa act from chp "how i taught my grandmother to read" by sudha murthy ncert english ...if anyone did this act plz share!!


Grandmother :- how are you my child?
me :- i am fine. how are you?
grandmother :- i am well dear. how you wrote your exams?
me :- well. grandma.
me :- actually i want to ask u a question relating ur name?
grandmother :- yes. ofcourse .what u want to know about my name?
me :- who kept ur name?
grandmother :- but how u got this doubt?
me :- our friends were discussing the names of their of my friend asked me a question that how ur grandma got that name?
me :- then i said to her that in this vacation we are planning to go to grandma's house. 
grandmother :- ok. then that's the reason you are asking?
me :- yes grandma.
grandmother :- any guesses relating to that?
me :- yes. may be ur mother or father?
grandmother :- but both ur guesses are wrong.
me :- wrong grandma?
grandmother :- yes my dear.
me :- then say me grandma who kept ur name?
grandmother :- my grandmother.