It was my 14 th birthday, which i still remember that i celebrated with my childhood friends in my house. with colourfull balloons and decorated my house with a colourful chart friends gifted me a present which i cannot forget in my night we have played different games like musical chair,singing songs,dancing,discussing childhood memories,crackling jokes.but i lost all my friends as we shifted our house from it was my last birthday celebrated with my childhood friends.
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it was my fourteenth birthday, which i still remember. it was different from all other birthdays. unlike other birthdays i had invited my friends for a movie. (optional[we were going to watch ----- movie]) we had booked the tickets onnline.
 all my friends arrived around 6 in the evening. as the movie was due at 8 o clock we went to play football in the nearby ground. as the match ended one of my friends shouted "hey are you not gonna cut the cake?" oh! i had completely forgot about the cake. it was already at home and we were supposed to cut it before the show. we all rushed for home. luckily it was not much late so we could cut the cake and play some more at home............ 
i just provided you with a basic idea

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