For the delopment of india firstly the youth of india must be aware of the major problems prevailing in india and also education must be given priority and no one should be derieved of his her right of education and also the elections must not be taken carelessly and should be given great importance as it is a matter of greatest concern that the voters of india are not taking the process of government making seriously which should not happen at the least cost. also we must be honest on our own behalf and work for the betterment of the country.
There are many problems that our india is facing. the major problem is corruption.since the india will not get rid of this problem , it will not be a developed country. our indian youths are lacking of hard work, high determination power and a great enthusiasm  towards work. today the youths should be given the chance to be the leader. woman empowerment is must in the india.then they can also put their ideas in front of world and may help in the development.we have to adopt the new technologies for farming and cultivation. it will increase the yield.the farmes should be given they can sow in the fields.