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In one half inning, when a team bats, for each batter:
     There is a minimum of 0 balls to 3 balls are there.  There are 0 to 3 strikes.  There is 1 hit.  There are 3 outs recorded before switching to fielding.

The pitching of a baseball is called a ball,  when it is pitched outside strike zone.  A strike is when a batter misses a pitch hits in the foul zone or hits into the catcher.

So in one half inning, there are 0 to 9 balls possible.  In one innings 0 to 18 balls.

if the question is about the number of different new balls that are used in an innings of  a baseball match -- then:
   It seems usually about 8 to 10 balls may be used during one inning.  The balls which fall in the foul region, or into the spectators area are lost or often given to spectators.

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