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Well always remeber if one root is -2+√5
then other root is -2-√5
so the equation is in from
 x^{2} -( -2+\sqrt{5}-2- \sqrt{5}  )x+( -2-\sqrt{5})( -2+\sqrt{5})=0 \\  x^{2} +4x-1
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how did this happen that -2-√5 is only the root
yes that's true if one root is a-(b)^0.5 then other must be a+(b)^0.5
how is that so? well that question is a big one and i can't do here
ok thats absolutely all right
The other root becomes -2-5^1/2
-2+5^1/2,-2-5^1/2 are the roots.
the quadratic polynomial is
x^2+4x-1 is the required polynomial.
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