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                                                                                   Date  30/04/2015

                            LOST   LOST      LOST   ----    My School Bag

 Dear friends.
     I have lost my school bag yesterday afternoon in the school playground.  I was practicing badminton in the badminton court from 3 to 4 pm, towards the preparation for the forthcoming inter-school competitions.  I had kept my bag near the court.  When I searched for my bag after I finished my bag, I could not locate it.
     My school bag is in beautiful sky blue colour.  It is the usual shoulder bag, with two straps on either side.  But it appears special.    It has a pocket on the front side.   A map of India with Sun rising from between Himalayas is printed on it in white and orange colours.   It is very important that I recover this bag. I have my notes, books and project reports in that bag.  I have to submit those assignments immediately to the professor.
    Who ever has found the bag is requested to kindly hand it over at the earliest to the bag to the security at the gate, or hand it over in the office, or return it to me in class 10, section A.   Please be kind and gentle, it will be nice of you.  A treat is promised in the canteen with a nice cold chocolate.

                                                              yours sincerely,
                                                            Venkata Narayan

P.S. :  I am unable to carry out my work due to this loss.  Please return it quickly.

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