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we know that Holozoic nutrition is followed by human beings . we take nutrition in given processes :-
   Ingestion ⇒ digestion ⇒ absorption ⇒ assimilation ⇒ egestion .
the long tube that extends from mouth to anus is called as gut also known as alimentary canal .
        it comprises of different organs which forms an organ system called as digestive system . like -

    buccal cavity :-  ingestion ↓
      mouth  - intake of food                               
      teeth   - grinding and chewing 
      tongue - mastication
      salivary glands - wetting of food for swallowing .
      Oesophagus - transfer of food from buccal cavity to mouth  

digestion ↓
      stomach   -  gastric gland secretes HCL that makes the medium acidic 

absorption ↓  assimilation ↓
      small intestine - breakdown the complex nutritional molecules .
                            - the villi are richly supplied by the blood and lymph vessels that take nutrients to targeted tissue through blood .
egestion ↓
large intestine -  absorbs excess water and regulates stool consistency and aids  .



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The digestive is also known as alimentary canal.
it is a tube like structure connected from mouth to the anus.
the food start digestion from the mouth, buccal cavity, pharynx, oesophagus, cardiac stomach, pyloric stomach, duodenum, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, anus.