Read the story Kabuliwala, by Rabindranath Tagore carefully and answer the given questions:
a) Describe the final meeting of the Kabuliwala and Mini
b) What were their individual reactions at the final meeting? Why did they react so?
c) Give a detailed character sketch of both Kabuliwala and Mini.



A) the final meeting of the kabuliwala and mini was on mini's wedding when the kabuliwala was released from the jail he went to her house taking something for her expecting her to react the same way she used to when they were close when the kabuli wala saw mini he was in great shock seeing her in the wedding dress, at first mini didn't want to meet him but when the kabuliwala explained to her father why he used to come to meet mini her father called her n mini was not the same mini she was she didn't react the way he expected she met him for some time and asked him to leave and then the kabuliwala asked her "so finally you're going to the in-laws". when he was leaving he gave mini a gift n he realised that its time for him to go back to his home town as his daughter also might be old enough to get married.
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