2.The A.P. express reached New Delhi five hours late(when)
3.Without making any noise, the thief crept near the steel cupboard. (how)
4."Look out ",shouted the tall man. (what)
5.The children went to the exhibition witrh their class teacher. (with whom)

Use question word given in braket to frame questions to which these statements are answered.



2.When did the A.P Express reach New Delhi?
3.How did the thief crept near the steel cupboard?
4.What did the tall man do?
5.With whom did the children went to the exhibition?
2 5 2
yaa r8 i m sry its crct one
bcoz as did is v2 then the verb be v1
Glad you accepted your mistake.
:) yaaa sry i didnt see it.... so i did tht mistake :) did ----v 2 naa so verb must be v1 ::) so it will be go

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When did the A.P express reach new Delhi?
how did the thief crept near the steel cupboard?
what did the tall man said?
with whom did the children went to the exhibition?....
1 5 1
It should be, tall man shout
and go to the exhibition.
noo this is also correct one
it doesn't sound correct.