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                      Dayanand Public School 
                        Tour in Shimla 
30th april 2015 
 this is to inform to all the students of classes 9th and 10th that our school is organizing a tour to shimla those student who want to go just write an application in which  parent's or guardian's are agree to send you to that trip  in 2nd week of may 2015 . so, all students who want to go then they had to submit their application upto 1st week of may 2015 . if any person want more information contact to tour class teachers .

head boy .
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Dayanand Public school Notice 30th April 2015 Trip to shimla Our school is happy to inform you all that grade 9 and 10 are have their educational trip to shimla on May 8th. As there are no time we have been going by train and only first 50 who gives and pays would be allowed to enter the trip. This is trip has a following arrangements .for further in further information contact the undersigned Anjali Head girl of The school
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