Indeed I am lucky to born in this century,for this century offers certain advantages,which were not available in the earlier centuries
1.The revolution in Information Technology with high tech and sophisticated 2G and 3G mobile phones,tablets,laptops,PCs,etc
2.higher standard of living with the availability of a number of gadgets which have life more comfortable and easier
3.Higher expectancy of life due to better medical care more multi-speciality hospitals doctors nurses and advanced medical technology
4.Easy access to knowledge through e books internet etc  

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   I am glad and fortunate to be born in this century.  It is really so lucky  as compared to any previous generation.

   Centuries ago people lived in difficulty.  They did not have electric lights.  They could not travel far by vehicles.  They had to spend nights in fear.  The life span was quite less.  People had not much life in the night due to darkness.  Bandits and thieves were quite prevailing.   There were wars and raids of one king over another kingdom.

   Of course, some people lived with good culture, morals, innovative and administrative capabilities.  Famous heroes did exist.  They had to strive hard to achieve great deeds.

   Even in the last three centuries people of India lived in slavery under the British rule.  Indians were treated miserably in their own land.  There was struggle for independence but it took a century of fights and deaths to become independent.  Prosperity was there.  But it was in the lives of rich, knowledgeable and intelligent.

    After independence too, India faced many difficulties.  Many women were illiterate.  Sufficient medical facilities and doctors were not available.  A delivery of a new born was treated as a new life for the woman.  Going on long journeys was still difficult.  There were regional and communal feelings overriding the feelings of unity and prosperity.

   In the previous centuries children had difficulties like malnutrition, diseases, lack of education, and they had to work as child labour for earning food.

    In this century with the advancement of technology, awareness of the world and the various cultures, awareness of our own territory and neighbours, communication and computation facilities, we are at a better position than the people were in the previous century.  The ability to share and learn knowledge at home, on computers has made people feel more powerful than before.

    International communities like UNO striving for universal peace among all nations, and helping the nations achieve progress.  So many organizations are enabling the progress of human beings for future.

     In this world now,  children are able to learn, play, go to school and enjoy like they should.  They are able to live in a secure environment at home.   The government, and the parents are focusing on the general conditions of children.  Children are given a lot of  importance in this century than in the earlier centuries.

     So the children are quite lucky to be born in this century.

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