Shepelton was also a member of the Baskerville family and wanted to acquire the Baskerville property. So, he killed Sir Charles BaskervilleĀ and tried to killĀ Sir Henry Baskerville, who were the only Baskervilles left other than himself.
Stapleton was also a Baskerville who was son of Rodger Baskerville that was not known to anybody.he killed sir Charles Baskerville and also tried to kill sir Henry Baskerville who was the last heir of the Baskerville family and acquire the property of baskerville's family.he used his wife to kill sir Henry by attracting him.but it failed.he ran away from the village to be not caught by Sherlock Holmes.he went through the moor where his hat and sir Henry's boots are left at a place and foot steps ended.we assume that Stapleton was buried in the moor.but the correct reason how he died was not explained by the author.
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