Command Prompt is a command line interpreter application available in most Windows operating systems.Command Prompt is officially called Windows Command Processor but is also sometimes called the command shell or by its file namecmd.exe.

Note: Command Prompt is sometimes incorrectly referred to as "the DOS prompt" or as MS-DOS itself. Command Prompt is a Windows program that emulates many of the command line abilities available in MS-DOS but it is not actually MS-DOS.

What is Command Prompt Used For?
Command Prompt is used to execute enteredcommands.Command Prompt is most commonly used to execute batch files, perform advanced administrative functions, and troubleshoot and solve certain kinds of Windows issues.
Command Prompt is a command line interpreter program. it is more secure way to use windows. you can operator all the function in windows using command prompt.. in general it is the core language of a computer.. all the hacker works in command prompt...