1. greed for land and money
2. wrong policies for defeance
3. lack of rules and regulations
4. errors in judgement
5. danger from foreign powers
lead to decline of mughal empire

pls describe it briefly and answer must be sufficient for 8 marks and send the within tomorrow

points are not sufficient.
I want the given points to be described


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 i can't give you the answer for 8 marks.but i can just help you to understand the points.
the mughal empire got declined from the destinity of king aurangzeb . he was a very cruel king. and was very selfish. he din't love his followers. in his time , he would take a lot of tax from the peasants.the heritage tax which was end up by the akbar had been started in his empire time. he would not love arts.he was not sufficient powerful to fight with foreigners. many foreigners attacked on india on that time. he himself was corrupt , so how could he had a correct judgement.
please forgive if the answer is not perfect.
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