1.spinning 3 hours daily,kanika can spin 2kg cotton-balls in 12 days.spinning 4hours daily how many days will she take to spin 10 kg cotton balls?

1.45 days

2.42 days

3.38 days

4.none of these

2.a train travels at a certain average speed for a distance of 63 km.there after it travels a distance of 72 km with an average speed of a 6 km/hr more than the original speed.total time taken to complete the journey is 3hours.what is the original average speed of the train?

1.36km/hr 2.42km/hr 3.48km/hr 4.none of these



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1) 45 days
2) 42 kmph.
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my answers also same thank you i got 2 marks,can u explain how u solved this problem.this answers are correct na.
the first one is simple. u see that the person spins for 3*12=36 hrs and obtains 2 kg balls. hence a 10 kg ball is obtained after spinning for 180 hrs. now the person works for 4 hrs daily. so no. of days required = 180/4 = 45 days.
next one is also simple...say original speed was x. therefore 63/x + 72/(x+6) = 3
solve and u will get the answer.
1]45 days
2]42 km per hr
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