Joint family is best because, In joint family if there is any problem, it will be solved by senior member of the family. They will choose the correct way to follow their guidance. Nowadays, husband and wife go for profession to outside. They will not bother about their children because, children cared by the their parents (grandma/grandpa). Children have any health problem, they advised to take homely medicine.

In Single family, the decision will be taken by own. No experience of this problem they face more difficulties. They do not kept their children lonely. It will not safe. There is no guidance. 

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Hum sab ko apne poraa parivar ke saath rahna usa se ghar ke bada ka anobhav our ashrivad mila tha hai our hum jeevan ma soohk pa sak tha ha
aur hum  sirf apne parivar ke saath hi raha tooh sirf muchkil hi partap ho thi hai
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