Class X Sciences
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In an experiment to study the properties of ethanoic acid, a
student takes about 3 mL of ethanoic acid in a dry test tube. He
adds an equal amount of distilled water to it and shakes the test
tube well. After some time he is likely to observe that
(A) a colloid is formed in the test tube.
(B) the ethanoic acid dissolves readily in water.
(C) the solution becomes light orange.
(D) water floats over the surface of ethanoic acid.



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When ethanoic acid and distilled water are mixed with each other, they form a clear solution, as ethanoic acid is completely miscible with water.
Hence, the correct option is B.
Answer is (B)
Ethanoic acid is a polar molecule. Hence it can dissolved in polar solvent(water) and form a colourless homogeneous liquid .