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No. The French Revolution of 1789 was a middle-class rebellion against the privileges of the aristocracy and the clergy. It was never intended to produce a democratic form of government and, in that sense, was nothing like the American Revolution of 1776. 

Almost immediately after 1789, the French Revolution became a scramble for power between groups of middle-class politicians and professionals. By 1793, another revolution was required to oust the Jacobins who had simply become a dictatorial group. But then in 1799, Bonaparte organised an army coup and France became a military dictatorship; complete with secret police, institutionalised torture, assassinations and forced exile. 
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Yes the french revolution laid the foundation of democracy in the world .it is the first known modern world revolution in the world. it is another thing that after it the work there is not democratic. have not you read in the fist chapter of civics 9th class.the chapter is democracy in the contemporary world.
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