Insurance to farmers are always good as they are in risky profession which is almost depends upon the nature & monsoon which is also again unpredicted. Will it be good or bad? That’s why it is nice that government & many other organizations are is always by their side to help & protect. Be it flood or condition of drought hit.  Insurance always motivate them to be again upright to grow & fulfill the need of country for food. Sometime insect or bad quality seeds lower the production & they can’t pay loan on time. That’s why insurance is too important for them.


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Crop and orchard insurance covers the farmers against failure of produce in the event of poor rainfall, seasonal abnormalities and attack of pests and indemnifies them to the maximum extent of their policy.
Similarly, animal and poultry insurance covers the farmers from failures of produce by the animals and birds as also their stock being affected by disease or death. The respective insurance policies indemnify them to the maximum extent of financial coverage taken.