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Have a sentence that interests your audience and gets them to read the rest of your brochure.
Don't include the price immediately.
determine your target audience
Craft your story and location
Highlight the features with clarity.
Choose reader friendly fonts
Include contact information, business hours and reviews 
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Here are some tips for preparing any travel brochure for any place:-

- Don't include the travel price on the top (if it is expensive). Include the price after you introduce the feature & Benefits of the tour/travel.

-Use User-friendly fonts, Consider enlarging or using a different color for key words or headlines so they stand out from your text.

-Include the details of your travel agency, address, phone, website etc.

-Include some testimonies from the past clients.

-Highlight the main features of the travel, Carefully choose the top features that will most appeal to your target audience and list in bullet points. Do not try to provide complete in-depth detail; these features are the teaser that should encourage clients to seek your agency for more details.

- Don't forget to include some eye-catching views of the travel.