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Sudha chandran,Preethi Srinivasan, Sadhna Dhand   and hellen keller  are  famous disabled women who became famous in their life means disabled women who excelled in their life ...
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sudha chandra : she was a bharathanatyam dancer . while going to her annual pilgrimage in car she got an accident and lost her right leg.the leg was amputated eight centimeters below the right knee. she returned to dance with an artifical leg and succeeded her goal....
helen keller : she was a great social worker. when she was sex moths child, she was attacked fever and lost her speech, eye sight and hering impaired.but after, she back with all the efforts towards the society.........

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Helen keller, sudha chandran, bethany Hamilton, jessica long, frida kahlo ,etc. are the some women who were disabled but were successful in their life...
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please can you say about them like their date of birth ,child hood ,education,disabilities they had,achievements,qualities inspired you?
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