THE RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER 1. Why has the sun been described as 'glorious'? 2. And now the storm-blast came.....and chased us south along. (a) The literary device used in the lines given above is_______. (b) The ship had just sailed away from____. 3.And now there green as emerald. (a) The sailors were at______. (b) 'Ice,mast-high' refers to_______. (c) To describe the ice,the poet has used a technique called________. 4. And I had done a hellish thing......that made the breeze to blow. (a) 'All averred' means_______. (b) The mariner's action resulted in___. 5. Then all averred..........brings fog and mist. (a) The sailors reacted this way because now______. 6. Describe the imagery that the poet has used to give the poem a supernatural effect. 7. Give two qualities of the sailors and support your answers with instances from the poem.



1.the sun was described glorious because it appeared on the horizon after a long time because till then the climate was full of mist and snow.

2. a.personification
    b.the ship had sailed away from the tropics and reached the equator

3.a.calm patch of see

4.a.all said firmly
   b.breeze blew
5.the sun came out and they said that the bird had bought fog and mist

7.the sailors were fickle minded cause they changed their opinion time to before they blamed the mariner for killing the albatross but later they said it was that the mariner killed the bird.

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