Sir please answer these two questions- 1.Ashwani/ Aastha Sharma, in charge of the NSS Club of St. Andrew's School, Kashipur, is asked to write a notice about a fair being organised by the club to collect articles & money for people affected by floods in Uttaranchal. The notice will be put up for students on the school notice board. Write the notice in around 40 words, including relevant details such as purpose of fair; kind of stalls-games, food etc; contributions accepted; fair timing etc. in your notice so that students may contribute generously. Do not give extra information. Put the notice in a box. (4 marks) 2. Rising violence among youth is a cause for concern. A recent survey listed the reasons for this trend. Study the following graph showing causes for the growing violence against others and against self. Write a paragraph based on the available data in 80-100 words. (6 marks)